Fifty Years Ago,Things Got Crazy!

Think things in the world are bizarre today? We took a look back at 50 years ago, and you wouldn’t believe how many crazy and historic things happened in 1969:

  • January 9: Joe Namath makes a guarantee. Displaying a level of bravado unheard of at the time, the New York Jets quarterback personally guarantees a victory over the vaunted Baltimore Colts. (Perhaps more significantly, it was the first Super Bowl not won by the Packers!)
  • January 20: Richard Nixon sworn in as president. Hmm … wonder how that turned out?
  • April 8: Milwaukee Brewers play their first game. Okay, so technically they spent their first year as the Seattle Pilots, and didn’t come to Milwaukee as the Brewers until 1970 – but it counts! Go Brew Crew!
  • July 14: Easy Rider premiers. This ground-breaking independent film was a surprise blockbuster, helping launch the careers of Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson.
  • July 20, November 19: America lands on the moon– not once, but twice! First with Apollo 11 and then with Apollo 12. Today it’s hard to truly comprehend how mind-bogglingly amazing this accomplishment was.
  • August 15: Woodstock begins. This monumental event lives on as the most-attended music festival that the fewest people actually remember.
  • September 26: “Abbey Road” is released. Leave it to the Beatles to answer the long-pondered questions, “How nice is Her Majesty and just how much does she really have to say?” (Bonus fact: “The Brady Bunch” also premiered on this date.)
  • November 10: “Sesame Street” premieres. Cookie Monster begins his reign of terror.


How Far We’ve Come

It’s amazing to think about how people in 1969 got by without so many modern conveniences we take for granted – like computers, cell phones, high-definition TV, and C2 Staffing.

Just imagine: People back then could NOT just pick up the phone or send an email to get connected with the best talent in Southeast Wisconsin – from creatives to coders and everything in between.

They could NOT sleep peacefully at night knowing that their staffing needs would be expertly covered if they had unexpected projects or last-minute vacations.

And they could NOT look forward to getting fun and entertaining – and mildly informative – emails from C2 in their inboxes every other week.

How did they ever survive?! Talk about primitive.

But now, you can do all these things quickly and easily with C2! To hire local talent, visit our Talent Request Page
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Which also begs the question…where will we be in 50 years? Walking around with chips in our heads? YIKES!

To calm down from that idea, watch a video of perhaps the most iconic version of our National Anthem ever captured on film (or videotape, or digital media):