1969: A Year to Remember

Fifty Years Ago,Things Got Crazy! Think things in the world are bizarre today? We took a look back at 50 years ago, and you wouldn't believe how many crazy and historic things happened in 1969: January 9: Joe Namath makes a guarantee. Displaying a level of bravado...

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The Democrats Are Coming! ✔️

A Boon to Our Fair City This week, the Democratic National Committee announced they have chosen Milwaukee for the site of their 2020 national convention. That’s great news for our favorite little big city on the lake – no matter on which side of the aisle you sit. But...

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With Love, from C2!

C2 uses a lot of love-related metaphors when we talk about how we approach creative staffing: Erica calls herself a matchmaker; C2 talent are encouraged to view their job search with the same mindset as they might use when trying to attract someone to ask...

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Ready for the Big Game?

Ready for the Big Game?America’s Unofficial National HolidayYes, it’s that time of year again: The Big Game™ (insert your favorite Roman numeral here) is almost upon us! It’s that one day a year when the country’s best pass throwers, ball catchers,...

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The Cost of a Bad Hire

Everyone understands that hiring new staff is a resource intensive endeavor - no news flash here. I read an article in Forbes late last year and I think about it almost every time I interview a candidate to become C2 talent or talk to a C2 client who needs to make a...

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The Dog Days of Summer

. . . and reflect upon the Dog Days of Summer!   Summer’s a great time to bring your furry friend to work with you. Pets in the workplace? There was a time not too long ago that such an idea was outlandish. These days? Not so much. Businesses all over...

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