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November 16, 2020

Milwaukee Company Commits to Work-From-Home Model

Creative Staffing Firm Joins Microsoft and REI In Embracing “Remote First”  

MILWAUKEE, WI – C2 Staffing, Milwaukee’s original creative staffing agency, has always celebrated a flexible work model. This fall, the company fully committed to a work-from-home model and negotiated a sublease of their office space in Walker’s Point. 

In early October, C2 officially adopted a 100% remote workplace for the first time in its more than 16-year history. All corporate employees have been working from home since mid-March. The conversation about subleasing the office started in late July, as the staff and leadership acknowledged the success and relative ease of remote work because of Covid-19 shelter-at home-ordinances. Ongoing concerns about the dangers of the virus and its anticipated increased spread in the fall/winter was an additional catalyst for the decision.

“We received an unsolicited call from a friend and fellow business owner inquiring about vacant office space in the area,” says owner, Erica Conway. “At the same time there were conversations about how well the team had been performing remotely, and that some employees were reluctant to return to the office in the near term. We had an increasing desire to sublease the space, so the timing was perfect. In just over a month, we were able to vacate the space and negotiate terms; they moved in immediately which allowed them to hire, expand operations, and have a more collaborative environment when not working from home. It’s a win-win.” C2 is keeping a small portion of the space for storage and retains the mailing address.

The staff meets by Zoom three times a week and communicates business needs through the real-time messaging platform, Slack. Texting and phone calls facilitate urgent matters. Conway says the move makes financial sense and has pushed the team to reassess every facet of operations. 

“If you had asked me in February whether C2 could be a 100% remote company, I would have said absolutely not. In fact, I had said as much previously. While it took adjustment, everything I thought we needed to do face-to-face is just as effective via Zoom or phone,” she says. “It actually suits a couple of the team members better and we’ve seen increased productivity and satisfaction. If there’s a silver lining to this crisis for us, it’s C2’s newly streamlined operations, lower costs, and our team’s steady, positive morale.” 

About C2:  Founded in 2004, C2 is the only woman/family/locally-owned firm in Wisconsin focusing solely on the staffing and professional development needs of the creative industry. C2’s roster of staffing talent includes designers, production artists, web developers, writers, art directors, creative directors and all positions in-between, serving large and small ad agencies, design and marketing firms as well as in-house creative departments. Company information is available at

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