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A Client’s Story and The Value of Using C2

I had a conversation with a company recently and they told me their team was overwhelmed with work due to the layoffs that happened during the pandemic. Below is the experience they had over the past four months. 

Desperately in need of some help they created a job description, connected with their Talent Acquisition team, and posted the job on the company website and LinkedIn.

Within 24 hours they had over 90 candidates to choose from. Perfect! 

So, they found the best resumes, had 10+ interviews and then sent their offer letter. Candidate A started on a Monday and everything was smooth sailing!

So it seemed… 

A few months later they realized Candidate A didn’t have all of the skills they thought they did, training was eating up a lot more time than projected, and Candidate A also wasn’t a fan of constructive criticism, causing some conflict amongst teams. 

Through careful consideration, this company decided it was time to part ways with Candidate A. 

Looking back at the time and effort that was spent thus far, roughly three to four weeks had been spent sourcing through resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, and hiring Candidate A. Three months had been spent training and onboarding Candidate A, and now 30% of Candidate A’s annual income was withdrawn from their budget and deposited into the bad-hire abyss. 

It was at this time they had an important decision to make:  

  • Option 1: Start the same process over again 
  • Option 2: Work with C2, a local, dedicated, creative staffing agency that has proudly served Milwaukee’s creative bedrock for over 15 years.

I am thrilled they chose Option 2, and I’m happy to have been part of the solution.

If your team could use support with creative projects, start with Option 2 and contact me at dan@c2gps.com!