C2 goes buck wild for the holidays!

Show your support for the New World deer

Milwaukee — In response to the recent uptick in anti-Capreolinae actions and incidents, C2, Milwaukee’s only homegrown creative staffing and training agency, celebrates with antlers up this holiday season, showing their love of the New World deer.

“We at C2 stand alongside our mule, white-tailed, western roe, reindeer, moose and especially our New World deer brothers and sisters,” said Meri Frahm, Ops Manager & Head Zookeeper at C2. “Subfamily is still family!”

As an example of that solidarity, C2 releases into the wild the Milwaukee Hipsdeer. The downloadable coloring page can bring joy and love to any office, cubical, or break room refrigerator.

“Declare your support of the New World deer, Milwaukee. Clearly show friends, family, and co-workers that you are an ally!” said Laura Dykstra, C2’s Staffing Admin & Boss of the Boss.

This Milwaukee Hipsdeer, dressed down in norm-core threads, is pictured toasting with one of Milwaukee’s original brews. “We imagined him hanging out at an east-side pub he knew about long before mainstream MKE discovered it, but you can color him wherever you think he belongs. That’s the magic of the Hipsdeer,” said Tim Panicucci, C2 client, friend, talent and Hipsdeer illustrator.

Don’t fear the deer, cheer the deer. 

“There is a Hipsdeer inside all of us, really,” said Jim Simon, C2’s Potentate of Technology & Logistics Specialist. “When you’re reminiscing about Billie the Brownie or searching for sustainably-grown heirloom broccoli, you’re tapping into the spirit of the Milwaukee Hipsdeer.”

C2 Biz Dev Guy and & Front Man, Josh Quinn, when introduced to the hipsdeer, cocked his head, shouted “Poochie!” and began singing the National Anthem.

“That’s his way of celebrating the holidays,” explained James Conway, C2 Co-Owner. “And we respect that the same way we respect the New World deer.”

“Championing this cause brings us almost as much joy and pride as supporting the success of C2’s clients, talent and the internal team,” said Erica Conway, C2 Co-Owner and reigning Queen of Distraction. “We wish everyone a fantastic holiday season and offer cheers to a magnificent 2018! Antlers Up!”