Here’s the Thing About Moms . . .

Chances are, you really have no idea how much your mom loves you. Unless you’re a mom yourself, of course. Then you know all too well.

Moms are the best, aren’t they? They give you life. They love you no matter what. They’re always there for you. And they know you better than anybody else. Sure, all that unconditional love can get a little annoying from time to time, but isn’t it worth it?

It’s no wonder some of our most beloved TV and movie characters are moms. June, from “Leave it to Beaver.” Carol, from “The Brady Bunch.” Mary, from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Aunt Vivian from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Joan, from “Mommie Dearest.” Rosemary, from . . .

OK, this is starting to go down a disturbing road. But you get the point: Moms are great!

And Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so for crying out loud, please give her a call, OK? Better yet, give her the gift of some quality time. She’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine. (And if your mom is no longer with us, take a few minutes to remember and honor her.)

Here’s the Thing About C2 . . .

And if you think about it – very, very hard – C2 is kinda like your mom!

For one thing, we love you, unconditionally – really, we do! For another, we’re always there when you need you, for your long- or short-term staffing needs. We know you better than anybody else – at least, better than you think – because we take the time understand your needs in order to provide you with a perfect match.

No, we didn’t give you life, so we fall a little short there. But we can help bring new life to your office environment, with fresh talent, fresh perspectives, fresh energy, and just plain freshness.

So for crying out loud, give us a call! Or send us an email. Let’s talk about how we can help you spend some quality time with some high-quality talent.

To hire local talent, visit our Talent Request Page or call us at 414-431-0062!

And here’s a shout-out to the C2 moms, who are the most loved of all!