Freelance Community Roundtable

Thank you for your interest in our Freelance Community Roundtable!

Recently, C2 sent out a survey to our email list about bringing together a small group of freelance/independent workers to connect in a meaningful way and share what’s working – and what could be better – during these uncertain times. We got some great feedback on what topics people wanted to learn more about, and have put together a series of Freelance Community Roundtables.

The Freelance Community Roundtable is an opportunity to connect with and learn from your peers on important, timely topics.

Here is the tentative schedule for our upcoming topics (dates, times and topics subject to change):

Wednesday, June 24th: Staying Creative While Isolated or in Chaos
12:00pm-1:00pm CST
How to “feel the creative spark” during times of stress and anxiety.

To register for this Wednesday’s upcoming event, please complete the form below. Please note, we are limiting the roundtables to eight participants in order to provide a great experience for everyone.


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