Support Diversity and Inclusion with Fuze MKE – Become a Recognized Sponsor!

C2 is proud to be a Milwaukee business. We acknowledge this city and our creative industry have challenges when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We also know there’s a committed community of people who aspire to SOLVE these challenges. C2 is partnering with AIGA-WI, United Adworkers, 414digital and Proc9 to host Fuze MKE, an event that will crowd-source answers to two specific questions (and in doing so, start to solve these challenges):
How can we make an incremental impact on increasing the racial and ethnic diversity in MKE’s Creative Industry in 2019?
How can we make an incremental impact on reducing “everyday sexism”/”clueless” sexual harassment in MKE’s Creative Industry in 2019?
Tuesday, June 18 is just the BEGINNING. C2 is inviting creative industry leaders, D&I-focused affinity groups and creative industry professionals to an event where we answer those questions and then VOTE on the ideas that could make incremental or monumental change in 2019. Proc9 has developed a digital voting mechanism to help tally enthusiasm for the concepts cultivated by attendees.
Following the June 18 event, AIGA-WI, Adworkers and 414digital will champion the most popular ideas and bring them to fruition by the end of 2019.
We’d like your help to make the event and subsequent events a success. A few reasons to get involved . . .
You or your agency:
support diversity and inclusion initiatives.
want to positively impact your own company culture.
want to elevate Milwaukee’s creative community and our city as a whole.
Sponsorship levels:
Champions for Change:  $750
Committed to the Cause:  $500
Taking a Stand:  $250
Want to create your OWN sponsorship level? if you’d like to sponsor food, beverages, scholarships or something specific, let us know! We’re grateful for your support and will take it any way we can get it.
Where’s the money going?  
    1. Professional facilitators, Lynette Xanders and Denise Thomas (both are providing their services at a non-profit rate).
    2. Food and beverages for attendees.
    3. Financial support to AIGA-WI, 414digital and United Adworkers to bring the ideas generated at the event to fruition by December 2019.
    4. Funds to provide scholarships for underrepresented students to attend the summer and winter sessions (6-week/36-hour course) of Milwaukee Portfolio School. Two students were already awarded scholarships for the Winter 2019 session.
We’re charging a $10 registration fee to attendees which will include food, one drink ticket and a great interactive session led by professional facilitators. Any remaining funds will be applied to the efforts detailed above. We find attendance increases greatly when registrants pay a nominal fee to participate.
What do you get for your investment?
    1. Your organization will be acknowledged as a supporter of diversity and inclusion efforts that will make a TRUE difference in evolving Milwaukee’s Creative Industry.
    2. C2, AIGA-WI, 414digital and United Adworkers will drive traffic via social media channels to the sponsorship section of as well as acknowledging your organization via those channels before, during and after the June 18 event.
    3. Sponsors get free admittance to the event.
    4. You’ll receive a very grateful “thank you” at the event as part of the opening remarks.
    5. Your logo will appear on the slides that will be rotating during the event as well as signage.
    6. Your logo and link will appear on the thank you email sent out after the event to all organization contacts and registrants/attendees.
    7. Your organization will be acknowledged by AIGA-WI, 414digital and United Adworkers in promotions on social and at the events that result from the concepts/ideas crowd-sourced at the June 18 event.


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