Putting your “best self” on paper, on LinkedIn, on a portfolio web site – anywhere really – can be challenging. We all walk the fine line between honest self-promotion and outright bragging. Call it modesty or midwest sensibility, discomfort with articulating your awesomeness can be an obstacle for career advancement. Especially in the super-competitive MKE creative industry.

What makes you valuable isn’t just your ability to do the core job day-to-day – that’s the minimum expectation, that’s what you were hired to do. . .that’s CAKE. HOW you get things done, the impact you have on your team, clients and colleagues – that’s what makes you special and valuable. That’s your FROSTING.

Here are 2 tips for figuring out your frosting and spreading it EVERYWHERE!

Tip 1: The Frosting Worksheet
Every C2 talent who comes through the doors is asked to complete a quick worksheet that helps them articulate their value, above and beyond what they’ve established in their software assessment and portfolio review. I’m sharing it with you because I think it has value for any pro who wants to ensure they’re selling themselves as comprehensively as possible. While it’s usually “all about the work” in the creative industry, fit really matters. So how do you figure out fit and frosting? The frosting worksheet. Make 5 columns and label them Aspirations, Accomplishments, Character, Passion and Skills. Be unapologetically yourself for each entry. This is the STORY you’ll tell about the value you bring. That value is the sum of your character, passions and accomplishments.

A hint for accomplishments: think tangible. Do you (via your work) impact the top/bottom line? Did your work result in an increase in revenue? Did you save the organization money with great workflow or process improvement? Do you add value or ROI by training colleagues, recruiting new staff, helping retain employees? Can you demonstrate capacity, speed, volume, efficiency, or other tangible outcomes? If you’re a designer, don’t say you design brochures, that’s CAKE, of course you do. Describe how many you design/produce in a given timeframe or maybe your amazing vendor relationships mean you get them printed at a discount . . .That’s FROSTING.

Tip 2: How do I tell people I’m awesome? Let someone else say it!
Once you clearly articulate your character, passions and accomplishments (and if you’ve done it well), others will take note. Ask them to tell your story, highlight your attributes, help sell you. Ask for a TESTIMONIAL or two! There’s no reason you can’t ask colleagues, classmates, friends and co-workers to expound on their experiences working with you as well as asking managers and supervisors. Be specific in your request, especially if you want to emphasize a specific skill or attribute. You can even use your annual review content if that’s an option allowed by your employer. Drop those morsels of shining truth right into your resume, web site and, of course, on your LinkedIn.

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