Vacation coverage, medical and maternity leaves and tight deadlines all have an easy solution: C2 Talent! Give your team a break and try out some of C2’s team of writers, project managers, designers, developers, video editors and retouchers. No minimums, no hassles, just Milwaukee’s best vetted creative talent, ready to deliver!

Seriously, WHY C2?

  1. SERIOUS VETTING: a digital prescreening, hands-on software assessment, face-to-face interview and portfolio review. You don’t meet a candidate unless we do first.
  2. FIT-DRIVEN RESUMES: We ask C2 talent to write a resume that defines their value and fit based on their character, accomplishments, aspirations and passions. C2 guarantees their skills, the talent sells their value.
  3. We’re the ONLY local, woman/family owned creative staffing firm in MKE, since 2004. We’ve been committed to this community since day one.

Project, temporary or permanent hires available. Check out some of our HOT TALENT!


Fresh new designers

Marissa, an entry level designer, graduated this spring and is a catch! She’s a go-getter who is finishing a two year internship where she designed and produced a 30+ page magazine, designed myriad Facebook and other social content and concepted the logo commemorating a local  high school’s anniversary. She volunteers with Islands of Brilliance, knows how to weld and was a popular server at a local tavern. She tested professional (3/5) InDesign- professional+ (3.5/5) in Photoshop and Illustrator. Personable, articulate, detail-oriented, driven and talented, she’s looking for new experiences and sees herself taking direction and soaking up all she can learn in an agency setting.

Ryan is an ambitious designer who started his career in customer service and as an emergency medical technician… this kid can triage anything! He confidently immerses in whatever technology is necessary to get the job done. In his current role he takes care of day-to-day marketing design as well as building interfaces for digital products that meet the Apple Human Interface requirements. That’s not something he learned in school. He’s really enjoying motion graphic work and the dynamic problem-solving inherent in UI/UX work. He’s also comfortable with print and presentation software and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty just doing production. He tested professional (3/5) in After Effects and Photoshop; professional+ (3.5/5) in illustrator and InDesign. Articulate, motivated and hungry, Ryan is ready for his next challenge!


Experienced production artists/designers/art directors

Cheri offers that rare combination of superior technical aptitude and an excellent design capability. She showed a portfolio filled with before and after retouching and publication makeovers, each one better than the next, highlighting her gift for production and design. Cheri tested professional (3/5) in Photoshop, exceptional (4/5) in Illustrator and exceptional+ (4.5/5) in InDesign. As a production artist she gravitated toward retouching because of her tremendous detail orientation; she LOVES the challenge of getting a photo just right regardless of the original content. Add to that OCD nature a knowledge of printing processes and a cheery demeanor during stressful deadlines and you have a valuable team asset. She also likes the challenge of building MS Word and PPT files to be pixel perfect (ACK!). She’s worked in-house and at an agency and was valued in both environments. As a designer/art director she provides knowledge of styling and directing in a photo shoot, compositing shots for desired results and sourcing props as needed. A fast learner and a variety vulture, Cheri happily and easily acculturates to new projects and environments.

Christina recently rejoined our roster as one of our top-rated and most-requested creatives. She embodies all of the characteristics of a talented and ambitious designer…she’s detail-oriented, organized, curious, committed and has a strong design portfolio while maintaining speedy and accurate production skills. Attitude matters and Christina brings an aura of spunky, smart and social wherever she lands. Versatile, she’s spent her career pursuing both print and web. Christina tested at professional+ (3.5/5) in Illustrator, InDesign and web development; professional (3/5) in Photoshop. She most recently worked in a fast-paced interactive environment adapting print to web and web to print as a one-woman concept to completion machine.



Lisa is a go-getter copywriter. She’s spent the last few years building an impressive agency portfolio and longs for the opportunity to have more conceptual contributions. She pushes for that level of engagement in her current role, soaking up lessons from the successes and failures of the agency. Previously, at her role at a large manufacturing company, she worked on print, digital, social and trade show content development, project/resource management and metrics. She was the catalyst to implementation of video and concepted/executed some of their preliminary efforts in that medium She is comfortable working with large brands and their big box retail partners. She’s confident, but not cocky; she’s open to feedback without being a pushover. She takes direction well, hits deadlines and excels as part of a team. She’s raring for the next big thing!

Doug, a talented senior copywriter and associate creative director, blogger, director and all-around nice guy, recently moved back to Wisconsin after years in sunnier states. He’s high concept, strategy-driven and a great team player with success in print, outdoor, broadcast, web content, campaign work, music videos and screenplays. A voracious consumer of creative, he frequently blogs about content that tickles his imagination. When he puts down the pen, he’s pretty adept at video editing using Final Cut Pro, designs a bit using Photoshop and InDesign, tackles WordPress and Avid Pro Tools like a champ. Versatile, sharp and delightful, Doug is available for freelance gigs and will consider a longer term or permanent engagement with the right suitor.


MarComm pros

Kristina is a sophisticated, articulate and friendly digital strategist with extensive experience in PR, marketing and experiential campaigns. She’s served in mid-to-large agencies and had her own freelance biz for 6 years. She understands the business of communications, driving bottom line results for B2B and B2C clients alike. She revels most in leading teams, fostering productive, high-achieving groups, and works well with everyone from executives to entry-level. Managing, content development, ideation, strategy and measuring success are her favorite parts of the job.

Michael is a renaissance man who excels in branding, strategy, sales, account service, building and maintaining relationships, integrating new technologies, celebrating wins, learning from losses, growing revenue, supporting a team, playing guitar and fishing. He’s pretty fearless because he trusts his gut and he surrounds himself with people he knows will support great ideas with whatever resources they’ve got – OR that will call out a mediocre idea. Charismatic, articulate and confident, Michael has pitched and won, a lot. He’s not done. He’s looking for his next challenge and is ready for hard work.


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