Spoiler Alert: It’s dang near impossible and sometimes more work than it’s worth!


I live with a pancake connoisseur. The man adores crepes, hotcakes, griddlecakes, and flapjacks! Every flavor, most toppings. He’s someone who was truly concerned when IHOP launched their IHOB campaign.

I am not nearly as enthusiastic, I’m more of a french toast kind of girl. I never learned how to properly make pancakes as a kid or as an adult, until I met Josh. Because of LOVE, I have been motivated to up my pancake game. It has NOT been easy.

Every pancake is unique, no matter how hard you try to get that perfect circle, golden brown hue and the moist, fluffy texture – not gummy or undercooked. It seems simple enough, but there is an art to the perfect pancake. It doesn’t matter if I make them from scratch or from a box, they still tend to vary in shape, color, fluffiness (yep, that’s the culinary term for it). Just once I’d like to place the perfect stack of similarly sized, golden brown flapjacks on the table and not have to apologize for the burnt one or the little one or the one that is a bit undercooked. Ultimately they’re still pancakes, so they’re usually delicious. And, truthfully, Josh is generally happy that I just made the effort. Copious amounts of butter and syrup help too.

This ongoing effort to craft the perfect pancake got me thinking about how challenging it can feel to find candidates who are a perfect fit for my clients, and I was pleasantly surprised by the parallels . . .

C2 Talent candidates come to us with pretty similar ingredients and are, for the most part, prepared for their career in pretty similar ways. It’s our daily ritual – standing at the metaphorical grill for the last 15 years – of vetting candidates (through a proprietary pre-screen & hands-on software assessment, then an in-person interview & portfolio review), that allows us to serve up fresh, hot talent, year after year. Clients want to satiate their appetite for creative nomnoms, and C2 guarantees tasty candidates. It takes practice and a process, which we started working on way back in 1992.

We know presentation matters, so we work with our Talent to highlight their accomplishments and character and to demonstrate their FLAVOR. They’re proud of their ingredients and preparation, and so are we. We celebrate all their uniqueness so it’s easy for our clients to choose the one that will satisfy their professional palate – and get the dang work done!

I’ve really stretched this metaphor about as far as it’ll go. I’ll leave you with this: Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix results in some awesome pancakes. Josh says they’re good and although I don’t ever eat them, they cook up beautifully (as long as I have the temperature and the oil just right), and are as tasty as scratch, but so much easier. Like C2! We’re easy! You could try to vet candidates like we do, but you might just end up burnt, with a real mess on your hands. C2 delivers a consistent and satisfying product and if you’re not happy, we make it right, like offering you another stack, cleaning things up or whatever it takes.

OK, now I’ve beaten that metaphor to death. You’re welcome. I’d love to hear about your favorite pancake recipe, so I can continue to try to show the depth of my love via breakfast sweets.