A Forbes article earlier this year entitled “Making More Money with Diversity“ focused on the banking and insurance industry, but it could have easily been written about the creative industry.

A quote from the article said: “It is fairly well-established that ‘diverse’ is not the first adjective that comes to mind when thinking about professionals in our industry.”  It went on to say that, often, when people hear the word ‘diversity,’ it is usually accompanied by the word ‘challenging.’

The author said that instead of ‘challenging’ we should all start associating the words ‘making more money’ with ‘diversity.’ Hmmm. Just Google “diversity and ________” (suggested terms are “innovation,” “profit,” “growth,” etc.), you’ll see what I mean.

C2 understands that increasing racial and ethnic diversity and reducing sexism and sexual-harassment in our creative industry are goals of the highest importance. Not only do we stand to increase profitability as a result, it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we’re working with AIGA Wisconsin, United Adworkers, and 414Digital to try to help make that happen.

We know one or even a series of events can’t magically change things overnight, and that some of these issues demand a nuanced and immersive understanding around the historical, institutionalized, insidious, economic, social and political influences that led us here in the first place. Yes.

AND . . . on Tuesday, June 18th we’ll gather as a community of individuals who care about our industry and each other, to identify opportunities to move the needle, either incrementally or monumentally, with the support of our professional organizations and the list of generous agency sponsors who brought this effort to life. It’s time for action.

It won’t be perfect and we’re just getting started. We need as many people at the table as possible to ignite a movement that will elevate us all. Please consider lighting this fire at