Can You Say, “Enough Already!”?

I mean, come on!

When it comes to winter, Wisconsinites are tough. We’ve survived it all, from floods to blizzards to ice storms to tornadoes to bitter cold to … I think we may have even weathered (pun intended!) a minor earthquake or two.

But this is getting ridiculous. More snow? It’s almost March. Things are supposed to be winding down, but it feels like they’re just ramping up. At this rate we’ll still be shoveling out when the Bucks win it all this year (which of course they’re going to do).

Neither snow nor rain nor dark of tight deadlines . . .

But here’s the good news: C2 is your all-weather staffing agency. We never take a snow day. Sure, we may work from home from time to time, but we’re always here for you, matching awesome companies with the best creative talent. No matter what.

Got a big project with no warning and a tight deadline? We can shovel you out.

Need some short-term help to get you through an office flu epidemic? We’ll break out the hand sanitizer and be there in a flash.

Looking for that special someone to come on board full-time? We’ll find someone to melt your heart!

Best of all, we’re right here in Milwaukee. We love bringing local clients and local talent together … through rain, sleet, and never-ending snow.

To hire local talent, visit our Talent Request Page, or call us at 414-431-0062!

Weird, wild weather everywhere!

You know how they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Wisconsin, just wait 15 minutes, it’ll change!”? Truth is, people say that all over! So here are a few examples of crazy weather in other parts of the country.

  • An eerie “moonbow” in Montana. “made possible from the refraction of raindrops by moonlight, rather than sunlight.”
  • Twin tornadoes in Nebraska. “Something about that supercell resulted in the remarkable twin twisters.”
  • A playoffs “fog bowl” in Chicago. “A thick fog rolled over Soldier Field, and from there, chaos ensued.”
  • The day it snowed in Miami. “The whole city went crazy.”


And here’s a cute video of dogs playing in the snow, to help get you through the week!