Milwaukee Portfolio School

The Milwaukee Portfolio School picks up where college leaves off and eases the frustration of creative directors stuck with graduates who lack the specific skills needed to work in advertising. Here, students learn to concept like agency pros, discover what job-winning portfolios look like and spend time with award-winning creatives. All of this and more in a six-week program that costs about half as much as just one college course hour.

Sessions are held fall, winter and summer with classes every Monday and Wednesday between 6 and 8pm.

Program Details

Classes are open to anyone who desires to get a job as an art director or copywriter. Undergrad, grad or working stiff, we’ve helped them all from 19 to 61. The fee for a six-week session is $1000 (Early Bird pricing is $900!) and includes a course book, an Adworker’s membership and Adobe software instruction. Class sizes are capped at a maximum of 12 students per session and admissions close one week prior to the first class.

Class Outline by Week
Course Schedule

  • Week 1 Orientation, thinking exercises, agency structure and strategy lecture, case study presentation.
  • Week 2 Portfolio reviews, portfolio construction lecture, thinking exercises.
  • Week 3 Advertising techniques lecture, main campaign assigned, mystery project.
  • Week 4 Ad agency guest lecture, campaign work, individual work, mystery project.
  • Week 5 Mystery project, campaign work, individual progress meeting with instructors, help from InDesign and Photoshop experts.
  • Week 6 Best practices for presenting lecture, campaign work, help from InDesign and Photoshop experts, present main campaign, party.

Upcoming Class Dates

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“Both instructors are highly versed, educated and expereinced in advertising and I took their criticism, feedback and opinions very seriously. I have been blessed to work with them.”

“Having one instructor from the writing side and one from art is perfect. It allows writers to think visually and art directors to understand the importance of copy.”

“I have two college degrees and I’ve been to another portfolio school. The MKE Portfolio School was such a worthy investment that I’d have paid double. I learned brainstorming techniques I had never heard of that led to ideas I wouldn’t normally have thought of.”