. . . and reflect upon the Dog Days of Summer!


Summer’s a great time to bring your furry friend to work with you.

Pets in the workplace? There was a time not too long ago that such an idea was outlandish. These days? Not so much. Businesses all over are adopting pro-pet policies that put a place at the conference table for your precious Pookie! (Seriously – have you heard of “Fur-ternity leave?”)

But why?

Pet-friendly workplaces find that the company canine (or kitty!) helps them recruit and retain employees, improves morale and makes it easier for dedicated employees to stay late when necessary.

Of course, Smoochy can’t code. That’s where C2’s staffing services come in. As Milwaukee’s oldest, most connected staffing firm, C2 has two-footed companions that are ready for a temporary posting at your firm.

But if you’re looking for some pawsome talent…

Hire Max, Molly and Maggie Frahm to get the best puppy snuggles in 3D. To find an expert 3D creative, check out Scott’s experience!

Or bring in Fetch Dykstra to clean up all the crumbs on your kitchen floor! To clean up your website and give it a fresh look, consider hiring a digital designer like Toni.

And Pixie Simon will knock your socks off with her adorable kitty poses. For someone skilled in photo direction, take a look at Ed!

Whether you prefer a Beagle, a Bambino or a Bichon Frise, we’ve got your back. We excel at finding the right creative creature for your firm. Let C2 be your partner for staffing, training, and all things creative and canid.

Let’s see your office companions, Milwaukee! Tweet or Facebook a pic and tag #C2DogDaysMKE to show off your four-legged friend!

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