C2 uses a lot of love-related metaphors when we talk about how we approach creative staffing: Erica calls herself a matchmaker; C2 talent are encouraged to view their job search with the same mindset as they might use when trying to attract someone to ask them on a date; we pitch to clients that their relationship with C2 talent includes “Chemistry Guaranteed;” and we describe the vibe on our internal team as a lovefest. So of course we asked one of our favorite talent to pen a poem to help celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, although, clearly, C2 celebrates LOVE everyday!

A Valentine’s Day Poem
by Mike Zimmerman

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You may hate Cupid
But you’ll love C2!

Valentine’s Day
Can tear you apart
If you don’t have someone
To fill up your heart

Or sometimes it seems
Like a made-up way
To sell candy and flowers
On one random day

Well, we can’t really help
If it’s romance you’re after
We’re not about dating
We’re just the best staffer!

C2 can help you
To fill out your team
We make it so easy
Not hard, like it seems

Long-term or short
For a year or a week
We provide the best people
Or the training you seek

We’ll work with you closely
To find you a catch
With skills and experience
And talents that match

So give us a call
Or drop us a line
And soon you’ll be saying
“C2, please be mine!”

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day!

The man generally credited with “invention” of Valentine’s Day was beheaded for his efforts.

Valentine’s Day has spawned a backlash holiday: Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

No candy hearts this year! (Maybe next year, though.)

For 2019, Valentine’s Day marks the 90th anniversary of one of the most infamous mob hits ever.


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