The Unsung Heroes of the Office World

Today, in honor of National Administrative Professionals Day, we salute a few of our favorite essential office workers – some real, some fictional. Some made it their career, others went on to fame and/or fortune in other areas. What they all have in common is that their bosses (and everybody else) just couldn’t have gotten along without them!

Bette Nesmith Graham
Bette gets high marks for two reasons. First, inspired by sign painters who painted over their mistakes (rather than erasing them), she invented the time-saving office essential Liquid Paper – and created a company she later sold for $47.5 million. And she’s also the mother of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees!

Pam Beesly
How can you not love Pam Beesly of “The Office”? Apparently, it’s possible. Turns out there are people out there (by “out there,” of course, we mean “on the internet”) making the case that Pam is actually “the worst.” (They’re all wrong, of course!)

J.K. Rowling
Before she created the best-selling magical universe in literary history, Rowling worked as an administrative assistant for Amnesty International. Word is, she was fired when her literary ambitions became too distracting. What would the Sorting Hat have to say about whomever made that decision?

Alexander Hamilton
Best known as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton got his first big break when General George Washington made him his personal aide-de-camp. He served Washington personally for five years, did some other important stuff, and then inspired an award-winning musical. (Hey, did you know “Hamilton” is coming to Milwaukee this fall? And yes, we are OBSESSED with “Hamilton” at C2!)

Peggy Olson/Helen Gurley Brown
Over the course of seven seasons on “Mad Men,” Peggy went from under-appreciated secretary to award-winning copy chief. Her story arc was likely modeled on the real-life Brown, who rose from secretary to head copywriter at Foote Cone & Belding in New York. Brown later become a best-selling author and the long-time editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

What is the Opposite of “Unsung?”

Here at C2, we know all kinds of heroes in the work world – and we want to make sure they all get “sung” from time to time. But we especially appreciate those who, like Peggy and Helen, went on to become copywriters, designers, creative directors, and other creative professionals. C2 specializes in helping creative Talent sing their own song a little louder, so that our clients get the best creative talent in Southeastern Wisconsin. And before you know it, we’ll have you saying, “I don’t know how I got along without them!”

La-la-la-la…For 15 years we’ve relied on C2’s office heroes: Meri Frahm, Jim Simon and Laura Dykstra, who built all the systems, processes and infrastructure that allow us to efficiently serve a robust roster of Talent and clients with a pretty lean crew. Thanks to them you get this goofy newsletter and everything else C2 has to offer. So grateful and proud to have them on the team!

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And speaking of great talent, here’s one of Peggy Olson’s finest moments from “Mad Men”: